High Performance FDM 3D printing



About Us

Pushing the boundaries for self sourced 3D-printers

Annex Engineering is a tight knit team active across the globe, working on a diverse portfolio of projects. From extruders to bed probing, hotends to motion systems, we cover it all. We apply real engineering skills such as fluid simulations, deflection analysis, and systems and control to gain the most out of our designs.

We have a community around Annex, which can be found on Discord. 

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Our Utilities

FDM Extruders


Double Folded Ascender

Our take on a direct worm driven extruder system. Features a dual hobbed gear for maximum pushing force and near zero backlash.


Sherpa Micro

Built upon the base of the extremely popular Sherpa Mini, but further refined and miniaturized.​


Sherpa Mini

A dual geared hobbed filament extruder designed to be an all-round performer for any printer. Features a gear driven design to provide torque while being near silent.​

Our Mountains

FDM 3D-Printers


Moving Gantry, Medium Format, Fully enclosed, CartesianXY FDM 3D printer with Direct Drive Extrusion System


Moving Bed, Medium Format, Fully Enclosed, CartesianXY FDM 3D Printer with Direct Drive Extrusion System


Small Format, Open Air or Fully Enclosed, Moving Bed, CartesianXY FDM 3D printer with Direct Drive Extrusion System

Get started with building on our Github.​