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Enable Multi Material printing for any 3D printer with the TradRack MMU. Designed on the basis of scalability, reliabilty, speed and low costs, this design has no compromises. Linear rails and belts allow for the fastest and smoothest selector movements. Optimized for Klipper Firmware.

'Equipment to keep the equipment of the climber close to themselves during climbing'


Reduce VOCs and particulates that are released by 3D printing with Rebreather. A tiny air recirculation filter that can be stowed away in any size chamber. Maintenance is easy because of the magnetic carbon pellet cartridge. Powered by powerful Delta fans, downtime is reduced to a minimum.

'A rebreathing device that can absorb carbon dioxide from the user'

Beacon Overview


Our universally designed, eddy current probe, Beacon. Lightweight and easy to use for any starter. Fast meshing, uncompromising precision, on-board accelerometer and up to 115C ambient rating should make any print a success.




Constellation is a series of reliable high-end control boards, powered by the Raspberry Pi Pico board, developed in-house by the team at ANNEX. The flexibility in scaling makes it a perfect solution for any use case.

'An area on the celestial sphere in which a group of visible stars forms a perceived pattern or outline'

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