Carabiner – Toolhead Board


The carabiner is a toolboard for easy & quick connection between the backpack and toolhead. Includes 16 pin microfits to crimp your own cable.

To be paired with: Annex SeriesĀ® – Universal Wiring Harness

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  • A single carabiner toolhead board, available as fully assembled.
  • Input via 16pin horizontal/vertical microfit
  • Two outputs for partcooling fans
  • Soldered seperate voltage selection for hotend fan and partcooling fan (Uses either the hotend voltage or one alternative voltage)
  • Optional thermistor for the chamber (Supports any size from 0603 to 1206)
  • Optional BAT85 diode for inductive probes

Full documentation: Github

Hotend / Thermistor plug

JST-XH 2P, Micro-Fit 2P, Micro-Fit 4P